Over more than 400 pages the book gives a unique glimpse into Manchester’s history, stretching from before the arrival of the Romans right up to the present day and looking to the future.

Written by editor of About Manchester, Nigel Barlow, it is the result of two years of extensive research from newspaper clippings, archives, books and interviews.  

The book takes the reader on an incredible journey through twenty one centuries of art, science, architecture, politics and literature, pausing at many of the momentous occasions that have moulded Manchester into what it is today.

There are stories of Roundheads, Jacobites, Dissenters, Chartists, Zionists, , free traders, suffragettes, co-operation and New Labour, in a region that set the agenda for the modern world with science, local government, healthcare, philanthropy and post war rejuvenation.

It looks at how the birthplace of industry has had to deal with the consequences of being the leader as the country turned its back on the grinding of industry’s wheels.

But there are also the stories of its villages, archers in Collyhurst, naturalists on Kersal Moor, the drowned village of Audenshaw, garden suburbs in Burnage, high society in Ardwick, the flat iron market in Salford, societies in Manchester, market gardens in Stretford, people uprooted to the new towns of Wythenshawe and Hattersley.

Commenting on the book, Nigel Barlow said: “This is my first book and it has been a real labour of love. It’s been fascinating to research the many stories and discover fresh information about the region that I love. This book will appeal to those who have lived and worked in the area as well as anyone new to Manchester who might want to learn more about their city.

“Around Manchester takes the reader on a swirling trip across the region going back to when the geological bedrock was laid down to the arrival of the Romans, mythical Dark age battles, medieval barons, civil war, industry and science, magnificent buildings and to the present day, the discovery of Graphene as the area contends with its place in a post-industrial world. It is packed with information and although not laid out chronologically, it’s the kind of book you can dip in and out of as each chapter throws up its own stories.”


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