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14.04.20 - partial recording

Acoustic Sessions

Our sessions continue at the Eagle on the Third Tuesday of each month in 'The Venue' at the side of the pub. 

Singers, poets, raconteurs, storytellers and, of course audience members are all welcome.

We start at 8.30 and finish around 11.15.

See our Facebook Page 'All things Considered Acoustic Session' for monthly updates regarding any special themes or additional events throughout the year.


For further details ring 07760 430 577 or email

Here you can view some of the online sessions we recorded during lockdown.

Forthcoming sessions for 2022 will be as follows;

Tuesday 15th February

Tuesday 15th March

Tuesday 19th April

Tuesday 17th May

Tuesday 21st June

Tuesday 19th July

Tuesday 16th August

Tuesday 20th September 

Tuesday 18th October

Tuesday 15th November

Tuesday 20th December

28.04.20 - full recording

12.05.20 - partial recording

09.06.20 - full recording

07.07.20 - full recording

04.08.20 - full recording

I encountered a problem uploading the Online Acoustic Session for Tuesday September 1st. To view this content please follow this link;

26.05.20 - full recording

23.06.20 - full recording

21.07.20 - full recording

18.08.20 - full recording

15.09.20 - full recording

I encountered a problem uploading the Online Acoustic Session for Thursday October 1st. To view this content please follow this link; 

01.10.20 - full recording

13.10.20 - full recording

Due to continuing problems with the technology I will no longer be posting the videos here.

Instead, you will be able to view them on the 'All Things Considered Acoustic Session Group' Facebook page.

To get you started, here's a link

This acoustic session was the origin of the name 'All Things Considered' which led to the creation of the website, and it is now in its sixth year.

We meet on the THIRD Tuesday of each month at The Eagle, (also known as The Lamp Oil) Collier Street, Salford M30 7DW and aim to get going around 8.30pm.

As the name suggests this is a very 'open' session and contributions are welcome in any genre, provided it is acoustic. We also welcome poets and storytellers!

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