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The Really Crap Card Company

In order for us to create a truly Crap Card, we need some information about the victim, sorry, recipient.

Use the 'Leave a Comment' link from the menu on the right to send us an email.

Tell us anything that might help us to make the card really crap. 

Things like favourite football team; an unwanted nickname; Food fads; Worst possible TV programme or film experience; faavourite foods; pets; important people in their life; job; hobbies;music tastes; or anything else you can think of, then leave the rest to us.

If you want us to 'sign' the card, we'll need your name(s) and an address to send it (either to you, to pass on personally, or we can post it direct.)

The last choice is just how crap you want the card to be.

'Crappier' and 'crappiest' cards tend to be bigger, rougher and with more personal references than simply 'crap' cards.

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