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Welcome to the Virtual Folk Club

Here is compiled a wide range of sound and video recordings from as long ago as the mid 1970s.


Of course, given the age of some of the earlier recordings, the quality is, to say the least, 'variable' but regardless of the quality the content is a valuable record of performers and venues which  provided the opportunity for thousands of people to perform, listen socialise and  share their interest in live Folk Music.


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For convenience the content is divided

into sections.

Included are audio and video recordings

of former clubs and concerts, photographs

and other memorabilia such as posters,

flyers and tickets, and links to current

clubs and performers.                                                                                                        

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PETE SMITH  & JEANNY DENNY                            LISTEN  HOWARD BOND                                                               LISTEN  BLACK 'EDDS                                                                     LISTEN

DICK MILES                                                                       LISTEN  THE TWO BEGGARMEN                                                LISTEN  HOLLERIN' POT                                                               LISTEN  STEVE TURNER                                                                LISTEN 

MARTIN CARTHY                                                              LISTEN

BRAM TAYLOR                                                                   LISTEN

GENTLEMAN SOLDIER                                                   LISTEN

WITSEND                                                                             LISTEN

STANLEY ACCRINGTON                                                 LISTEN

PAUL DOWNES                                                                  LISTEN

HARRY OGDEN                                                                  LISTEN

STANLEY ACCRINGTON AND                                       LISTEN



(A Star Inn 'Folk On Wheels' Event


STAR IN FOLK CLUB 21.01.1998

THE DUKE OF YORK, ECCLES                              GO TO

BARRY OATES - JANUARY 1982            ​                      LISTEN


SARA GREY                                                                         LISTEN

SINGERS' NIGHT  - 28.01.1984                                      LISTEN

SINGERS' NIGHT  - 04.02.1984                                     LISTEN

SINGERS' NIGHT - 11.02.1984                                       LISTEN

SINGERS' NIGHT  - 18.02.1984                                      LISTEN


THE UNICORN VILLAGE BAND - 03.03.1984           LISTEN

PETER COE - 10.03.1984                                                  LISTEN

GORTON TANK - 12.05.1984                                          LISTEN  SINGERS' NIGHT - 19.05.1984                                       LISTENSINGERS' NIGHT - 09.06.1984                                      LISTEN

SINGERS' NIGHT - 16.06.1984                                       LISTEN

LOL & JANET LUNCH - 02.06.1984                              LISTEN

THE UNICORN VILLAGE BAND - 22.12.1984            LISTEN


SINGERS' NIGHT - 17.08.1990                                     LISTEN  

SINGERS' NIGHT - 08.03.1991                                     LISTEN

LYNN & BARRY HARDMAN - 03.05.1991                  LISTEN

HANK & THE WOLF - 09.08.1991                                LISTEN

MARTIN GITTINS - 11.10.1991                                      LISTEN

PETE COWAP - 12.06.1992                                            LISTEN


RESIDENTS AND REGULARS 1992 C.D.           ​          LISTEN


                                                                                            January 21st 1976 - January 21st 1997


In November 1975 'Pint 'n' Half' (Martin Gittins and Rick Rybicki) stood in for Mike Canavan to play a gig at a small back street pub in Salford. They were immediately re-booked for a return gig in December and, they were so taken by the venue, they agreed with the landlord 'One-Armed Wally' Marshall that they agreed to try a regular weekly Folk Club starting in January of the following year. and so The Legend was born.


In the 23 years that followed the Star Inn Folk Club hosted a guest performer EVERY WEEK - a total of 1149 nights of live music, a record unlikely ever to be surpassed.

Residents in the beginning were Pint 'n' Half and  'Johnny Crescendo' (Alan Houldsworth) although Alan left after the first year or so. Later, when Rick moved to Todmorden and 'Pint 'n' Half was dissolved, Martin continued alone for several years before teaming up with long-time mate Bob Ashworth for the remaining years.

Below is a small selection of nights from the club including the last 40 minutes of the final night (which featured John Cartain, who had been the guest on the very first night, among a crowd of other performers.)

Anchor 21


Anchor 1
Pete Smith & Jeanny Denny - 12.05.1982 (Part 2)


Pete Smith & Jeanny Denny - 12.05.1982 (Part 1)

PETE SMITH & JEANNY DENNY -  MAY 12th 1982 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Martin Gittins - Andrew Rose, Ale

Mark Dowding - Brown Photographs, Man that’s growing old

Steve Woolley - Guitar Shuffle, Johnny Mars

Pete Smith & Jeanny Denny - Is your love in vain, Bonny Hawthorn,

Will you go to Flanders, Xmas Song, Heights of Alma, Fair Maids of February,

Hammer it Weld it, Banks of the Ponchartrain

Martin Gittins  - Allouette

Kinigad Slashers - Belfast Hornpipe, Slow Air, 2 Reels

Pete Smith & Jeanny Denny  - Jan Cole, Bonny Light Horseman,

Chinese Bumboat Man

Anchor 2
Howard Bond - 26.05.1982 (Part 1)
Howard Bond - 26.05.1982 (Part 2)
Howard Bond - 26.05 1982 (Part 3)

HOWARD BOND - MAY 26th 1982 

(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo by Roger Liptrot)


Pint & a Half - Sweeny’s Polka, Darcy Farrow, Dumpy Doodle.

Mark Dowding - Last Days of Steam, Man of the Earth.

Raymond (?) - Tunes on whistle.

Howard Bond - Frozen Rose, Man of the People, Maid of Coolmoor,

Café Armageddon, Passing Cloud, Daddy’s Sauce


Pint & a Half - Chastity Belt,

Mick Barkis - Big Rock Candy Mountain, The Very Thing

Steve Cowley - Electronic Guitar Tunes.

Howard Bond - Five minutes to midnight, In love without you, Grimaldi,

ody on the Line, Danny’s fiddle

Anchor 3
Black Edds - 19.10.1983 (Part 1)
Black Edds - 19.10.1983 (Part 2)

BLACK 'EDDS - OCTOBER 5th 1983 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Black Edds -  Boy Scouts, No Room For Me, Blow Ye Winds, Blue Suede Shoon,

A Sailor’s Life, Juke Box King, Isn’t It Strange, Jimmy Two Stroke


Tony Hill (R.I.P.) - Pit Disaster Song


Black Edds - Constable Larkins, Goodbye To Santa Claus, Underground,

It Beats the Grind, 8326105, Loving Doll

Anchor 4
Dick Miles - 19.10.1983 (Part 1)
Dick Miles - 19.10.1983 (Part 2)


(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo by Roger Liptrot)


Dick Miles - Bonny Little Brown Jug, Tommy’s Lot, Sizewell Alphabet, Dunmow Flitch, Primrose Polka, The Rebel Soldier,


Dick Miles - Woodland Flowers, Richard the Third, No One With Endurance Like The Man From The Insurance, Lovely Nancy, Dill Pickle Rag, The Cock

Anchor 5
The Two Beggarmen - 9.11.1983 (Part 1)
The TwoBeggarmen - 9.11.1983 (Part 2)

THE TWO BEGGARMEN - NOVEMBER 9th  1983  (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


The Two Beggarmen - Skithery Idle Doodle, Little Piecer, Cliffs of Moorhein, The Phantom of Balderstone  Mill, Spencer the Rover, Pomona,


The Two Beggarmen - The Begging Song, Rare Old Times, Tunes, Dog Fat, Tunes, Bide a While

Anchor 6
Hollerin' Pot - 7.12.1983 (Part 1)
Hollerin' Pot - 7.12.1983 (Part 2)


(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo by Roger Liptrot)


Martin Gittins - Hanky Park,

[Singer Unknown] - Devil and the Wife

Tony Hill (R.I.P.)- Coulter’s Candy, Servant of the Company

Hollerin' Pot - The Innocent Hare, Tailor’s Britches, Black Leg Miner, Jem of the Row, White Cockade, Oxford And Hampton Railway

? The Little Pot Stove, Long Shadows, ?

Hollering Pot - John Barleycorn, The Blacksmith, Song of the Staffordshire Men, Dido Bendigo, New York Gals

hollerin' pot.jpg
Anchor 7
Steve Turner - 25.01.1984 (Part 1)
Steve Turner - 25.01.1984 (Part 2)


(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo by Roger Liptrot)


Steve Turner - Bunch Of Roses-O, Fair Pretty Maid In London Town, Jigs, Lads of Cara Row, My Soul Is Saved, West Texas Cowboys, Daughter Jane,


Steve Turner - Horse Fair at Ballynascreen, Hard Times, Never Went To Settle Down, Tunes, Isle Of St Helena, Keepers and the Drivers, Is Your Love in Vain

Anchor 8
Martin Carthy - 08.02.1984 (Part 1)
Martin Carthy - 08.02.1984 (Part 2)


(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo by Roger Liptrot)

Martin Carthy - Unfortunate Taylor, Gallant Poacher, Heroes of St Valerie, (Somebody’s) Funeral, Brown Adam, Old Molly Oxford

[Singer Unknown - possibly Pete Martin]

When I’m 64, 1000 miles from home, Together Forever, When I’m Dead and Gone


Martin Carthy - Lovely Joan, Reynard The Fox, 3 Cripples, Jack Rowland, Tunes, Old Couple

Anchor 9
Bram Taylor - 15.02.1984


(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo by Roger Liptrot)


Bram Taylor - Sally Wheatley, American in Lancashire, Ballad of Penny Evans,

Joke about Charles and Diana, I Just Can’t Wait, French Story, Mary from Dungloe, Fairytale Lullaby, Little Jimmy

Anchor 10
Gentleman Soldier - 29.02.1984 (Part 1)
Gentleman Soldier - 29.02.1984 (Part 2)


(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo)


Gentleman Soldier - Blarney Roses, Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore, Twa Corbies,  Bonny Light Horseman, We’re Homeward Bound, Who’ll be a Soldier.


Gentleman Soldier- Hot Asphalt, Bedlam Boys, William Tell Overture,

Green Fields of France, I Will Go, Finnegan’s Wake

Anchor 11
Witsend - 09.05.1984 (Part 1)
Witsend - 09.05.1984 (Part 2)

WITSEND - MAY 9th 1984 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


Witsend - Elizabethan, New York Girls, I Have To Say I Love You In A Song, Friends of Mine, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Back Again, One Misty Moisty Morning, Love Song, All I Have To Do is Dream, Ella Rosa (Just Stay As Sweet As You Are), Losers Can Be Winners,


Witsend - Carolina In My Mind, Da Doo Ron Ron.



Anchor 12
Stanley Accrington - 16.05.1984 (Part 1)
Stanley Accrington - 16.05.1984 (Part 2)

STANLEY ACCRINGTON - MAY 16th 1984 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Stanley Accrington - Accrington Stanley, Cecil Parkinson, Queen of the South, Hiawatha, Lesley, Monarchs of England, O’Hara’s Truss, Sally Wheatley, Anagrams,


Stanley Accrington - Hawaiian Song, Admiral Benbow type song, Morris Dancing song (Princess Royal), Wild Mountain Thyme (sung by Martin and Tony Hill)

Anchor 13
Paul Downes - 30.05.1984 (Part 1)
Paul Downes - 30.05.1984 (Part 2)

PAUL DOWNES - MAY 30th 1984 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


Paul Downes - Brother Can You Spare a Dime, Puss in Boots, Tune- Tabhair dom do Lamh (Give me your hand), Jumbo the Elephant, I’d Rather Die on the Ocean, Tune-  Tarrega:Prelude No 1 D min, There but for fortune.


Paul Downes - Tune- Gaspar Sands, Andalusian Gypsies, She Sits Alone, Bingo, Tune-Millage, Before You Die.

Anchor 22
Harry Ogden - 06.06.1984 (Part 1)
Harry Ogden - 06.06.1984 ( Part 2)


(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo by Michael Billington)


Gentleman Soldier - Blarney Roses, Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore, Twa Corbies,  Bonny Light Horseman, We’re Homeward Bound, Who’ll be a Soldier.


Gentleman Soldier- Hot Asphalt, Bedlam Boys, William Tell Overture,

Green Fields of France, I Will Go, Finnegan’s Wake

Harry O.jpg
Anchor 14
Folk On Wheels, White Hart, Todmorden (Part 1)
Folk On Wheels,White Hart, Todmorden (Part 2)
Folk On Wheels, White Hart, Todmorden, (Part 3)
Folk On Wheels, White Hart, Todmorden (Part 4)


(Recorded by Alastair Miller - - Photo of Hollerin' Pot by Roger Liptrot)

Pint 'n' Half - The Knocker Upper Man.    Steve Woolley - Late Last Night

Hollerin' Pot - The Oxford and Hampton Railway, Blackleg Miner

Stanley Accrington - Poppa Took His Carbine, As I Walked Out, Black Magic in Todmorden, A Song For Norway, Stan's History of England,

Tony Hill - Accident at Bradford Pit.     Mike Bowden - Waiting For Tomorrow Today.

Stanley Accrington - I don't think I'll ever write another love song, Bridget O'Malley, Cecil Parkinson, Traditional Folk Song, White Cockade(ish) with Hollerin' Pot.

hollerin' pot.jpg
Anchor 15
The Last Night Of The Legendary Star Inn, Salford 21.01.1998 (Part 1)
The Last Night Of The Legendary Star Inn Salford 21.01.1998 (Part 2)


(Recorded by Bob Ashworth)

Maxine Marshall (pub landlady) says a few words.

Bob Ashworth (R.I.P.) - It's Such a Perfect Night.

Martin Gittins - Awards and other notices.

Stanley Accrington - (Medley) Now The Star is Gorn, Star Inn, Star Inn Nights,

Martin Said to His Stan, The Parting Song, The Folk Club Way.

Martin Gittins - Quiz Answers and other notices.

John Cartain - the Larks They Sang Melodious.

Ensemble - The Wild Mountain Thyme

N.B. This recording is entirely unedited. There is a large amount of

incidental chatter and 'Parish Notices' in between songs but it is included

here for its historic interest. You may even hear yourself in the background!




FOLK AT THE HILL , was a folk club which, like many others, was located at various venues and went through several incarnations over a period of many years.

Residents included Tony Hill (R.I.P.) Steve Woolley, Lorna Egan, Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.) Ian Sproson and Pete Worthington.

Venues included The Cheetham Cricket Club and The Cleveland Hotel, Crumpsall Lane.

Anchor 16


Anchor 23
Singers' Night - 17.08.1990 (Part 1)
Singers' Night - 17.08.1990 (Part 2)
Singers' Night 17.08.1990 (Part 3)
Singers' Night 17.08.1990 (Part 4)

SINGERS' NIGHT - 17th AUGUST 1990 (Recorded by Kevin Harvey)

Tony Hill (R.I.P. Go, Move, Shift!, The Sound Of Silence, Victor Jara.

Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.) Wife For Sale, Okie From Muskogie, Flash Jack From Gundagai

Lorna Egan Love Song To A Stranger, Famous Blue Raincoat

Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.)When Mexican Joe Met Joel Blun, Sweet Dreams


Tony Hill (R.I.P.) [with Kevin Harvey R.I.P.] The Holmfirth Anthem

All Used Up, Song Of The Irwell,

Jim ? Walk Tall, Owdham’s Burning Sands

Pete Worthington Peggy Gordon, I willGo (McLeod’s Lament) Come Lay You Down Love

Steve Woolley Folsom Prison Blues, House Of The Rising Sun, Freedom Fighters

Anchor 35
Singers' Night - 08.03.1991 (Part 1)
Singers' Night - 08.03.1991 (Part 3)
Singers' Night - 08.03.1991 (Part 2)
Singers' Night - 08.03.1991 (Part 4)

SINGERS' NIGHT - 8th March 1991 (Recorded by Kevin Harvey)

Kevin & Chris - Venice Street (Part) Move With Me

Kevin (A.N.) - Spencer The Rover

Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.) - A Pint Of John Willie Lees, My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains, Bedlam Boys

Kevin & Chris - Guantanamera, Slip Sliding Away, Catch Me If You Can, Seagull, I Don't Want Your Wings

Pete Worthington - Der Erlkonig, John Willie's Grandad

Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.) - Nurenburg County, Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies, Why Spend Your Leisure /Another Round, Blue Moon Of Kentucky,

Kevin & Chris - Bourgeois Town, Where Did Tomorrow Go

Kevin (A.N.) Flute Tunes, The Beauty In My True Love's Eyes.

Everyone - Happy Birthday to Pete!

Anchor 40
Lynn & Barry Hardman - 03.05.1991 (Part 1)
Lynn & Barry Hardman - 03.05.1991 (Part 3)
Lynn & Barry Hardman - 03.05.1991 (Part 2)
Lynn & Barry Hardman - 03.05.1991 (Part 4)

LYNN & BARRY HARDMAN - 3rd May 1991 (Recorded by Kevin Harvey)


Carol Baton - Banks, but no banks

Claire Mooney - Another Working Day, Tell It Like It is

Ian Sproson - Courtaulds Song, The Missing Tube

Lynn and Barry Hardman (R.I.P.) Don't Think Twice, It's Alright, This Land Is Your Land, The Water Is Wide, Belle Vue, The Mountains Of Mourne, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Steve Woolley - In The Wee Midnight Hour, Going To Chicago

Tony Hill - The Lefties' A.B.C.  Bogey's Bonny Belle

Lynn & Barry Hardman (R.I.P.) Blowin' In The Wind, Power In A Union, If I Were Free, There were Roses, What You Do With What You've Got, I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister, Penny Evans

Hank & The Wolf – 09.08.1991 (Part 1)
Hank & The Wolf – 09.08.1991 (Part 2)
Anchor 44
Hank & The Wolf – 09.08.1991 (Part 3)
Hank & The Wolf – 09.08.1991 (Part 5)
Hank & The Wolf – 09.08.1991 (Part 4)
Hank & The Wolf – 09.08.1991 (Part 6)

HANK & THE WOLF 9th August 1991 (Recorded by Kevin Harvey)


Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.) - Eight More Miles To Louisville, McFee's Confession.

Carol Baton - Poetry Reading

Ian (from Droylesden) - Napolean Bonaparte, Daily Growing

Christine Vernon - For Free, One Day In A Nucelar Age

Hank & the Wolf - King Midas,The Day That You Were Born, Dark Eyes, Moondance, First We Take Manhattan, Anchorage, One More Cup Of Coffee, Man In The Moon, Rank Stranger

Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.) - Five Miles From Gundagai

Bob Ashworth (R.I.P.) and Pete Shafer (R.I.P.) My Dixie Darling, My Grandfather's Clock, Blackberry Wine

Lorna Egan - Love Song To A Stranger, Famous Blue Raincoat

Ian (from Droylesden) - Human Sound,


Bound For Canaan

Steve Woolley & Lynn & Barry Hardman (R.I.P) - In The Wee Midnight Hour, Down On The Farm


Hank & The Wolf - In The Beginning, The Mighty Quinn, Silvio


The House Of The Rising Sun, 100 Miles, Don't Get Married, Girls, Minnie The Moocher, Feel Like Makin' Love To You, Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Anchor 45
Anchor 43


Martin Gittins - 11.10.1991 (Part 1)
Martin Gittins - 11.10.1991 (Part 3)
Martin Gittins - 11.10.1991 (Part 2)
Martin Gittins - 11.10.1991 (Part 4)

(Recorded by Kevin Harvey)


Pete Worthington - Riding on Top of The Car, Young Banker.

Carol Baton - Poetry Reading.

Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.) - Way Down Town, Wild Flying Dove, The Cruel Ship's Captain (abridged) Bluey Brink.

Martin Gittins - Bide Awhile (abridged), Bide Awhile,  The Lark Across the Vapour Trail, Jimmy Spoons,  Prodigal Son, Bouncing Billy Barker, Category D, The Legging Song*

Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.)- Little Chance, The Ragman's Ball.

Tony Hill (R.I.P.)- The Song of The Irwell, A Wonderful World.

Pete Ryder - Big Bad Bill is Sweet William Now, Nat Shapiro's Time.

Martin Gittins - Hanky Park, Farewell to the Gold, Ninian South, The Baron and The Busker, First Flame, The Ghost of The Sad Cavalier, (The Knocker-Upper Man.)


*The Legging Song is the first track on Part 3

Pete Cowap 10.06.1992 (Part 1)
Pete Cowap 10.06.1992 (Part 3)
Pete Cowap 10.06.1992 (Part 2)
Pete Cowap 10.06.1992 (Part 4)

PETE COWAP 12th June 1992 (Recorded by Kevin Harvey)


Pete Worthington - Jolly Bold Robber, Young Banker

Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.) - The Miller's Will, The Jolly Waggoner, Another Round

Nicola - Locomotion

Pete Cowap (R.I.P.) - I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow, Barbara Allen,

The Johnstone Boys

Pete Cowap (R.I.P.) Mind Your Own Business, Dog Rough Dan, The Country & Western Song, Because Of You.

Kevin Harvey (R.I.P.) - Summertime Blues

Martin (?) - Streets Of London

Martin (?) with Pete Cowap (R.I.P.) The Wind Beneath My Wings


the duke of york, eccles


Barry Oates - My Lover Loves Another Lover Now, Mild and Bitter Days, Mayfair Queen.

(Just three tracks taken from a very poor quality recording, the rest of which was unusable.) 

Anchor 20
Duke-of-York 1 (1)
Anchor 17

(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo by Roger Liptrot

The Unicorn Pub on Church Street in Manchester City Centre, is still open for business but, sadly, the folk club is long gone.

It was run by Manchester folk legend Harry Boardman, with assistance from a changing group of resident singers. These recordings feature just a few of the vast range of performers who played there.


the unicorn folk club, manchester

Anchor 24
Anchor 18
Sara Gray 21.01.1984 (Part 1)
Sara Graty 21.01.1984 (Part 2)

SARA GRAY - May 21st 1984 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Tunes

Sara Gray - Handsome Molly, Matty Groves, Aragon Mill/New Wood, Washington March, Jake Gilly/Little Rabbit/Soldiers Joy/Waiting for Nancy, Few Days, Unfortunake Rake

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.)Greenland Whalers’Song, The Garland

Sara Gray Miss Julia, Nellie Coming Home From The Wake, Nellie Small, Chapeau Boys, I’m Going To Leave The Country, Cole Creek Rebellion/March, The No 8 Mining Disaster, Whaur Will We Gang

Singers' Night - 28.01.1984 (Part 1)
Singers' Night - 28.01.1984 (Part 2)

SINGERS' NIGHT  January 28th 1984 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


Harry Boardman - Jolly Good Ale and Old, Kitty and Robin, The Dreadnaught

Joe Kerrins - Dearest Willie, Lullaby

Steve Mayne -  Seventeen Come Sunday, Bold Princess Royal, I sowed the Seeds Of Love

Harry & Lesley Boardman - Cock Fight, Handloom v Powerloom, Jack of All Trades

Tony Hill - Old Man’s Song, Avalanche, Alabama

Bob ?  - Duncan Grey, Holy Willie’s Prayer, The Devil and the Exiseman

Harry Boardman - Tune

Steve Woolley -  Kris Kristofferson Song, Blues Come Falling Down

Harry Boardman -  Jeannie C, Liverpool Judies

Joe Kerrins - Mountain Stream, Parting Glass

Singers' Night - 04.02.1984 (Part 2)

SINGERS' NIGHT  -  February 4th 1984 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


Tunes - Liliburlero, Lovely Nancy/Trip to Castle Howard, Old Wife Of Coverdale, My Love My Love, Lass of Dalogill

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Kitty and Robin, Cowd Stringy Pie, Grand Conversation On Napoleon

Bob Morton - Lass Of Hexamshire, Part The Road With Me, Isle of St Helena

Tony Hill (R.I.P.) - See It Come Down, Song Of The Irwell

Nick Dennerly - Whistle Tunes

Steve Mayne  (R.I.P.)  - Bound For Greenland, On A Monday Morning

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - You Seamen Bold, Johnny Todd, Santianna

Anchor 33
Singers Night 04.02.1984 (Part 1)
Anchor 25
Singers' Night - 11.02.1984 (Part 1)
Singers' Night - 11.02.1984 (Part 2)

SINGERS' NIGHT - February 11th 1984 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Rigs of London Town, Tom Brown, Whalerman’s Lament

Joe Kerrins (R.I.P.) - As I Roved Out, Family Ointment, ?

Bob Morton - Tarry Wool, Highland Harry, Ower the Water To Charlie

Steve Mayne (R.I.P.) - I Am A Brisk Lad, Seventeen Come Sunday, Butcher’s Wife And The Cobbler

Brian Peters - A Drop Of Good Beer, Bonny George Campbell

John ? -Tunes – Blarney Pilgrim/Lincolnshire Poacher/Wind Shakes The Bell

Tony Hill (R.I.P.) - Bogey’s Bonny Belle, Gresford Disaster

Bob ? - Bonny Lass In June, Jack Hart’s Song

Phil Harding - Grandfather’s Tune, Uncle Bernard’s Polka, Winster Processional, Blue Eyed Stranger

Brian Peters - Sent To Australia, Banks Of Red Roses

Joe Kerrins (R.I.P.) - An Old Man Came Courting Me

Bob Morton  - Rap Her To Bank, Jowl And Listen

Anchor 32
Singers' Night - 18.02.1984 (Part 1)
Singers' Night - 18.02.1984 (Part 2)

SINGERS' NIGHT - February 18th 1984 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Tunes - Belfast Hornpipe, English Country Gardens, Whistling Rufus, Lass of Dalogill/My Love My Love/Old Wife Of Coverdale


Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Coast Of Peru, Collier Lads Come Kissing Me

Steve Mayne (R.I.P.) - Blue Boy Lad From Yarrow, All Things are Quite Silent, Rumple Tum Too Ra Loo

Joe Kerrins (R.I.P.) - Lake Of Coolfin, The Gauger, West Of Ireland

Nick Dennerley - Whistle Tunes

Tony Hill  (R.I.P.)- Ninian South, Bendigo

Norman Jones - Stain On The Taproom Floor

Steve WoolLey - Freight Train, Lindberg Kidnapping

Harry & Lesley Boardman - Telegraph Girls Of Cannon Street, Weavers’ Song, Merry Little Doffer

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Weaver Of Wellbrook

Joe Kerrins (R.I.P.)- The Old German Piano Mender, Stick To The Crature

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Mick Heywood - 25.02.1984 (Part 1)
Mick Heywood - 25.02.1984 (Part 2)


(Recorded by Mark Dowding)


 Joe Kerrins (R.I.P.) - Rambling Irishman, Langay Stream, Miss Mouse’s Wedding

Steve Mayne - (R.I.P.) - The Unquiet Grave, Short Jacket and White Trousers, Lover’s Ghost, Polly On the Shore, Come All You Wild Young Men

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Kitty and Robin, Bard’s Reformation

Mary Humphries - You’re Welcome To Me, My Husband’s Got No Courage In Him

Frank ? - Dew On The Foreign Tree

Brian And Margaret Peters - Hopping Down In Kent, We Gets Up In The Morning, Farewell To Tarwathie, Bonny Hawthorne

Ken ? - Geordie

Mick Heywood and Malcolm Ramskill - Broken Hearted, Tunes (Bobby In June/Buffoon), The Bonny Boy Is Young But He’s Growing, Hole In The Wall/Black Boy Polka, Mary Oh Mary Please Come Home To Me, Students’ Lament, Stuttering Song.

The Unicorn Village Band - 3rd March 1984 (Part 1)
The Unicorn Village Band - 3rd March 1984 (Part 2)

THE UNICORN VILLAGE BAND - March 3rd 1984 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)



Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Jeannie C, Greenland Whale Fishermen, Whalerman’s Lament

Bob Morton  - Tarry Wool, Derwentwater’s Farewell, Little Chance

Tony Hill (R.I.P.) - Coulter’s Candy, Bells of Rhymney, Servant of the Company

Mary Humphries  - True To My Love, As I walked Out In The Pride Of The Season, Little Drummer Girl, Died For Love

Village Band - Tunes, Till the Tide Comes In, French Waltz, Newcastle, Tunes

Paul Connor (R.I.P.) - Skewball, ?

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.)- Top Man And The Afterguard, Nine Times A Night

Village Band - Nellie O Bob’s At Crowtrees

Pete Coe - 10th March 1984 (Part 1)
Pete Coe - 10th March 1984 (Part 2)
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Anchor 36

PETE COE - March 10th 1984

(Recorded by Mark Dowding - Photo by Roger Liptrot)

Phil Hare and Kim Farrell – Across The Hills, All I Need Is You, They’re Coming To Take Our Town Away

Keith Hancock – Untitled first song, Arndale Centre, Poor Old William Jones

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) – Greenland Whaling Song, Game of Pool,

Pete Coe – Manchester Angel,

Pete Coe – Sick Parade, Tunes on Melodeon (Slow Air – The Slow Air of Swindon, Mazurka – Mazurka du Slirvon , Slide – The Barrel Organ), Land of Hope and Glory, 

Unknown performers  – Unknown tunes, Lady Hanson’s Puck, Unknown tune

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Gorton Tank - May 12th 1984 (Part 1)
Gorton Tank - May 12th 1984 (Part 2)

GORTON TANK - May 12th 1984 ( Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Coalowner and the Pitman’s Wife, Teaching The Creel

Gorton Tank - Polkas, Granny’s Old Armchair, Billy Barker, Lish Young Buy A Broom, Tunes, The Collier Brig, Tunes

Bob Morton - Nellie O Bob’s At Crowtrees, Sister Suzie, Tunes, Jeeves Reel

Brian Peters - Ballad Of Springhill

Gorton Tank - Tunes, Captain Webb, Gorton Town, Handloom Weaver’s Lament, ?, My Way, Tune-Liliburlero

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Unicorn Singers Night 19th May 1984_01.M
Singers' Night - May 19th 1984 (Part 2)

SINGERS' NIGHT - May 19th 1984 ( Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.)- Colcannon, Kitty and Robin, Jolly Good Ale and Old
Mark Dowding - The Old Miner, Salmon, Sticks and Stones
Mary Humphreys - No Sir No, The Willow Tree, Johnny Sands and Betsy Haig
Joe Kerins (R.I.P.) - The Verdant Banks of Screen, The Gander, Lowlands of Holland
Harry Boardman (R.I.P.)- The Flying Cloud

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - The Flying Cloud (cont)
Mark Dowding
- Ale
Mary Humphreys - Matt Highland
Joe Kerins (R.I.P.) - The Gauger
Tony Hill and Ken - Ten Per Cent, Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy, You Won’t Get Me Down In Your Mine
Unknown Artiste- Oh The Day Rue The Day, My Love
Bill - As I Roved Out, Navvy Boots, Bold Fisherman
Mark Dowding - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.

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Unicorn Singers Night 9th June 1984_01.M
Unicorn Singers Night 9th June 1984_02.M

SINGERS' NIGHT - June 9th 1984 ( Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Mary Humphreys - Golden Vanity, Blow the Candles Out, Bunclody
Harry Boardman R.I.P.) - Corpus Christie Carol, Whalerman’s Lament
Joe Kerins (R.I.P.) - Maids of Colmoore, She Moved Through The Fair, The Tinker and the Farmer’s Daughter
Mary Humphreys - The Generous Lover, Gentleman Soldier, Female Drummer
Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Whoam Brewed.

Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - The Bard’s Reformation, The Sheffield Apprentice
Joe Kerins (R.I.P.) - Heather Down The Moor, Bonny Anne of Five, The Paddy Dam, Maids When You’re Young

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Unicorn Singers Night 16th June 1984_01.
Unicorn Singers Night 16th June 1984_02.

SINGERS' NIGHT - June 16th 1984 ( Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Mary Humphreys - The Bird In The Bush, The Gresford Disaster, Maid In The Garrett
Tony Hill (R.I.P.) - Old Man’s Song, Old Pendle, A Servant of the Company
Mark ? - Tunes
John Dowding - Washday Remembered, What’s Folk, Owd Hercules
Paul Connor (R.I.P.) and Helen Rhodes - Tune, White Knuckle Ride, Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace
Ken ? - The Blacksmith, The Rose of Eve(?)

Unknown Irish Singer - Old Woman of Wexford, Brigg Fair
Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Game of Pool, Liverpool Judies, Plodder Seam
Mark Dowding  - Maginot Waltz, Streets of London, Schooldays End Medley.

Anchor 42
Janet & Lol Lynch - 2nd June 1984 ( Part 1)
Janet & Lol Lynch - 2nd June 1984 ( Part 2)

JANET & LOL LYNCH  – June 2nd  1984 ( Recorded by Mark Dowding)


 Mary Humphries - Long Pegging All, As I Walked Forth, My Husband’s Got No Courage in Him

Joe Kerrins (R.I.P.) - Rambling Boys Of Pleasure, The Gauger

Phil Harding - Grandfather’s/Uncle Bernard’s Polka

 Janet & Lol Lynch - The Knight In The Wood, Canadeeio, Here’s To You Tom Brown, The Collier Lass, Jack Who Pawned His Fiddle, Cob a Coaling, The Maid And The Box, Lady Dressed In Green


Steve Mayne (R.I.P.) - Rosebud In June

Janet & Lol Lynch - My Love Has Gone Away, (Belong To The Working Class), John Appleby, Aye For Saturday Night, John O’ Grinfilt, Tunes, Rolling In The Dew, Clogger

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Village Band 22nd December 1984 Part 1
Village Band 22nd December1984 Part 2

UNICORN VILLAGE BAND -  December 22nd 1984 ( Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Village Band - Tunes, Drink the Winter Dry
Bradley - Pipe Tunes, Glencoe
John Dowding - Jemmy’s Garden, Nativity, To Daffodils
Mark Dowding - Maginot Walts, Dirty Old Town, Little Pot Stove
Village Band - Tunes
Mick Heywood - Unknown Title, Broken Hearted.

Mick Heywood - Bonny Boy is Young
Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - Blood on the Saddle, Rigs of London Town, I’ll Have a Collier For My Sweetheart, Liverpool Judies
Mary Humphreys - Johnny Sands, Queen of Galilee(?), Lord Ronald (Tune)
Village Band - Tunes, All The Good Times


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flixton folk club at the bird i'th hand

A CD was produced in 1992 featuring the regular singers and residents of the folk club. These files were kindly provided by Chris Waring. The image is a very grainy copy of the cover of the CD.

If you can help by identifying any of the singers whose surnames are missing please do so via the 'CONTACT' button on the home page.

Likewise, if you have any further information about the history of this club or any documents or photos to share please get in touch.

flixton club.jpg
flixton singers.jpg
flixton bird.jpg
1. Chris Waring & Trev Styles - Brown Jug
3. Dave ? - Streets Of London
2. Martin Kavanagh -Dublin Town
4. Helen ? - Hard Times
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5. Alan - Pennies From Heaven
7. Helen ? - Accordion
6. Steve Hindson - Pirate Looks At Forty
8. Cyril ? - What'll I Do?
9. Trev Styles - Ain't She Sweet?
11. John ? - Girl Of My Best friend
10. Graeme ? - Hard To be Humble
12. Tom Dewhurst - Union Miners
13. Roydan Styles - Flycatcher
15. Pete Williams - So Long
14. Tony & Craig - Quartermaster's Stores
16. Chris, Trev & Pete - Worried Man
17. Graham ? - Old Dun Cow
18. Trev & Chris - We Shall Not Be Moved
19. Trev & Chris - Knockin' and Tappin'
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